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Who we are?

Poseidan Events is a leading event organizer in various industries and manage over 15 events each year across the world. It is currently active in South America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our businesses cover events, training, business intelligence, customized conference and personal connect service.

We strive to deliver the highest level of technical and strategic content, build the unparalleled networking platform for our customers. We help our customers maximize their valuable time and make faster and better decisions. We provide timely information, professional market analysis and customized business solutions for your continually changing needs.

Our Vision

We inspire business connection.

Our vision is to bring together the professional markets and communities we serve, create value by sharing knowledge, networking and helping our clients connect with their prospects and potential partners.


We are continuously searching for talents who have a good understanding of our business. Please email us to get the detail information.

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